Pi Beta Phi
At MI Gamma
Campus Involvement

Our sisters are invovled in a wide variety of campus clubs. No one Pi Phi is alike; each one of us is unique and holds different interests. Many of our sisters are involved in research projects related to their major, many are a part of different philanthropic clubs, and all seek academic success. Not only do we strive for greatness in the classroom but also in our local community.

We also invite the MSU community to join us in supporting our philanthropic services. Follow our Facebook page for upcoming information and dates on our philanthropic events.

MI Gamma Chapter annually holds a Broomball tournament where Greek Houses get into teams and play mini games of hockey with "brooms" and regular shoes. This fun event unites sisters with other Greek Houses.

Halo Games

To help spread awareness about our philanthropy to the MSU community, we organize an event where members of the Greek Community can compete in Minute-to-Win-it challenges. The final four teams then take part in a Dodgeball tournament to decide who wins. 

Pi Phi Parlor

MI Gamma held Pi Phi Parlor on October 9th 2019. Friends, family, and other members of the surrounding community came to support. We had an abundance of sweet treats including Grand Traverse pies, MSU Dairy Store ice cream, and a chocolate fondue fountain! We also had a Pie-a-Pi station where guests could donate $5 to "pie" a chapter member.

Campus Organizations

With around 170 women in MI Gamma, our sisters are involved in 44 different organizations on MSU campus. Joining clubs and organizations is a wonderful way to create connections and make a difference in the community.