"My favorite Pi Phi memory has been living in the house and getting to spend everyday with my best friends. Whether it's getting ready to all go out together or walking down the street to Quality Dairy to get Sprite's, everything we do involves a laugh!"

- Mikayla Rondeau

"My favorite memory in Pi Phi was big/little reveal. I can’t even explain the excitement I had when I found out who my big was. I loved going to dinner with my family after and just getting to know all the people who had similar traits as me. To me, Pi Phi means always having someone in your corner to assist you when you need it and being able to reciprocate that to your sisters"

- Berlin Flood



"My favorite memory in Pi Phi was bid day 2022. As a senior, it was my last bid day and it was awesome being able to go to the rock to welcome all of the new members home! I loved seeing bid day come together and have fun with everyone in the chapter."

- Sophia Zochalski

"My favorite memory probably is becoming a little and then becoming a big. If it wasn’t for the sorority I probably wouldn’t have met either of them. I feel like that is pretty special."

- Ashton Yates


"My favorite memory of being in Pi Phi was our final night of initiation. It felt so exciting to officially be apart of Pi Beta Phi and share these strong emotions with my pc and the rest of the active members. What Pi Phi means to me is the values it represents and the sisters I share it with. I genuinely feel like Pi Phi is such a space place to share your thoughts, feelings, and struggles; especially, having the greatest people to share that with and that will unconditionally support you with whatever you are going through. The devotion the women of Pi Beta Phi have to this chapter is truly inspiring."

-Brooklyn Phenix

"My favorite memory in Pi Phi was big/little Reveal. My big has been one of the most influential people in my life. I can always rely on her for a study session at the library, a car ride and listening to Ross Lynch, or just sitting in her room and talking about our lives. I'm so glad that I have someone so awesome to look up to, and a sister to always reach out to if I need anything."

-Molly Reilly