Pi Beta Phi
At MI Gamma
Stories from our chapter

"My favorite Pi Phi memory is gaining a little and a twin who are like real sisters to me. Our family has grown so much from where it started, and I love getting to share memories with every little, g-little, and gg-little in the Star Family!"

-Jenna Vanloon (Senior)

"My favorite Pi Phi memory was when I went through formal recruitment in Fall 2017 and I got to meet my big. I actually talked to her during Preference Day and she was a main reason why I chose Pi Phi. She told me about the sincere friends she’s made since joining and she shared her passion for education. I remember seeing her at the house on bid day and I was so excited to be in the same house as her. Since joining Pi Phi, she has become one of my best friends and biggest role models. I love you a lot Cara!"

-Spencer Price (Junior)

"My favorite Pi Phi memory was the first sisterhood we did right after being initiated members. I was still not sure whether or not I belonged in a sorority or in Pi Phi at all, but during the sisterhood we went around and talked about why we came to MSU and why we rushed. I was towards the end so I was nervous if I should tell the real story or the “pretty sorority story” I always heard/was told during recruitment. Everyone was very open about sharing their stories and we were all crying and hugging each other. It was that moment where I noticed we all had similar reasons for joining a sorority; We wanted to belong. I told my story, cried a bit and received hugs from my friends. I never really felt close with everyone in my class before that, but after I noticed everyone started talking and hanging out with each other. Living in the house this year I think is so much better and more comfortable because we had that time as a member class. We all feel like we can talk to each other and hang out. We all know about the stories  we told each other that night and we don’t feel awkward talking to each other about any of it."

-Bridget Kelly (Sophomore)

"My favorite Pi Phi memory is opening my card on Bid Day with my friends, Emily and Olivia. It was so amazing to realize that we were in Pi Phi together and we were going to actually be sisters for life!" 

-Anna Kushner(Freshman)